Electrical & Lights

SUV LED Lighting Houston, HID Lighting Truck, Fog Lights SUV & Trailer Lights HoustonYour pickup’s electrical system provides the spark that, when combined with fuel and oxygen, allows your engine to produce power and function properly. As a result, electrical equipment for trucks can have a major impact on the performance of your vehicle. Lighting is also a part of your truck’s electrical system and plays an important role in ensuring safety and in enhancing the appearance of your pickup truck. The right truck lights can allow you to see and be seen on the road and may help you to avoid accidents and collisions in fog or other inclement weather conditions.

LED Lighting

One of the most popular trends in truck and SUV lighting solutions is the innovative light-emitting diode (LED) light. Brilliant and highly visible, LED lights require less power to operate and typically last longer than conventional headlights and tail lights. This makes them a cost-effective and practical choice for most drivers. LED cab lights are designed to provide increased visibility inside your truck on dark and stormy nights. LED lighting can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of your truck or SUV. Flexible LED light strips are also available in a range of colors and configurations that can allow you to customize your pickup at an affordable price.

HID Lighting

Another newer alternative to traditional halogen headlights, high-intensity discharge (HID) lights provide brilliant illumination and exceptional visibility for your pickup or SUV. These lamps produce light by creating an electrical arc between two electrodes inside a tube. HID lighting is much more energy-efficient than standard halogen lighting solutions and can ensure greater visibility for your vehicle. Depending on the configuration of the HID lights, they can last significantly longer than comparable halogen headlights and tail lights.

Fog Lights

Designed to augment the lighting provided by your headlights, fog lights are designed to create increased visibility for the road directly in front of your pickup in dense or heavy fog conditions. This can provide valuable lead time for responding to obstacles in the road, allowing you to avoid potential accidents and ensuring a higher degree of safety behind the wheel. Most fog lights produce yellow light to penetrate fog more easily; LED fog lights are also available as an energy-efficient alternative to halogen lamps. Aftermarket fog lights may require drilling or added electrical wiring during the installation process for the best functionality.

Trailer Lights

If you routinely tow trailers behind your pickup, trailer lights can provide added protection for you and your cargo by warning other drivers on the road of your intention to turn or brake. Trailer wiring kits are designed specifically to connect the trailer lighting with your pickup’s brake and turn signals. These safety lights are required for certain types of loads and can provide added protection in a wide range of towing and driving situations.

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