Choosing the Best Wheels for Your Pickup Truck

Most Houston pickup truck owners try everything possible to add personalization to their vehicle. The best way to customize vehicles is with different Houston truck accessories. What helps set a truck apart from the crowd are aftermarket wheels. Although it may seem easy to select the best tires and rims, there are many things to consider before making a purchase.

Finding the Right Size

When looking to customize a truck, it is common to buy bigger wheels. Large tires have a pleasing appearance, but they may affect the way a truck rides. Large tires often create a rough feel on the road, but they may provide better traction. Choosing a rim size that provides a nice selection of tire options will maximize satisfaction.

Matching the bolt pattern is important and this will help uncover the top customized wheel options. Identifying the number of holes and the distance between each is essential. Also, the center bore must be measured. If the bore matches the mounting hub’s size, the wheel is hub-centric. A hub-centric wheel rides smoothly and creates less vibration than a lug-centric wheel. There is also less risk that a lug will fail as well.

It is important to measure back spacing from the back edge of the wheel to the mounting surface. When using the truck to carry large loads, it is vital to understand the maximum load capacity as well. To calculate the possible weight load, a person multiplies the advertised maximum weight by four.

Matching New Wheels to Pickup Truck Lift Kits

Many pickup truck owners raise their trucks with Houston lift kits, which can complicate the process of choosing new wheels. To uncover the possible custom wheel options, it is smart to contact the kits’ manufacturer. This provides useful information during the selection process.

Various Types of Wheels

After choosing the correct size wheels, it is time to consider materials. Typically, truck rims are made from three types of materials; heavy duty steel, forged aluminum, or cast aluminum. Each provides different advantages and costs various amounts.

Steel wheels are stamped, which makes them durable. This type of construction provides a uniform composition, which enhances structural integrity and lowers the likelihood of wobbling. Since they are very tough, they can withstand a great deal of abuse. This makes them the obvious choice for avid off-roaders. They are popular because they are inexpensive to produce and purchase. Forged aluminum is crafted from pressure and heat. This material is lightweight, versatile, and offers a stylish appearance. This premium option has the most expensive price tag. Finally, cast aluminum alloy wheels have low pressure casting, so the material is flexible. This allows designers to create unique styles. The porous compound provides good airflow through wheels to cool hot brakes. They resist rust but have trouble remaining damage-free under rough conditions. Thanks to their lightweight properties, they are the first choice for speed-tuned trucks and are available in numerous styles, sizes, and price levels.

When people select new wheels for a pickup truck, the tires and rims are meant to complement other accessories already on the vehicle. For example, Houston truck bedliners and rims are a natural first step in customization. Matte black rims work perfectly with matte black bedliners. Also, shiny aluminum rims pair nicely with chrome exhaust tips. The possibilities are endless.

Although common sense plays a role in choosing new wheels for a pickup truck, a professional mechanic or retailer will be able to help make the best decision. Changing a truck’s tires and rims can make a big difference in its appearance and how it performs. It is worthwhile to do some research and learn what is involved with the selection process. Combining new wheels with other accessories will make a truck unique and reflect the owner’s style.

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