Performance Chips and Programmers for Your Pickup Truck

Some of the best Houston truck accessories that you can pick up for your vehicle are performance chips and programmers. The chips can prove to be especially useful as they can improve your fuel efficiency by about 25 percent, or allow you to do things like use all of your available horsepower while towing a boat or trailer and providing you with needed power when driving on graded roads.

Performance Chips

Every vehicle comes from the manufacturer with a chip that is designed for the average driver. However, performance chips provide you with the ability to tune the engine in a way that allows it to match up much better with your driving patterns, whether that consists mainly of towing, performance driving or something else altogether, and it improves your pickup truck’s ability to respond to your requirements.

This feature also allows your truck to always perform at its full potential by improving on how many miles per gallon are used compared to a factory chip and by boosting its horsepower when needed. The ability to experience more towing power than before and increased acceleration are two of the most notable benefits that these chips provide.

One of the other advantages of using performance chips is their ability to monitor a variety of vehicle parameters, which allows you to receive valuable information that may end up being a pivotal heads up if something is out of whack.

However, do note that using a performance chip may strain some parts of your pickup truck, so you may need to replace these parts more often than normal. Fortunately, installing and using this chip should still cost you less in the long run due to how efficiently it allows your truck to perform compared to a factory chip.

Although you will need to find, remove and replace the chip that came with your pickup truck, it is usually located under your dashboard or in the engine compartment. This process is relatively easy to do and should take less than 20 minutes to complete. If you are still hesitant about replacing the chip on your truck, you should note that this chip-replacement process will quickly pay for itself.

Performance Programmers

A programmer is even easier to install than a chip, and you can also easily remove it at a later date and return your pickup truck to its original settings if you wish. The installation process simply involves plugging in the programmer and answering several simple questions.

Programmers are versatile products that provide you with the ability to select from a variety of performance levels. For example, you could place it in tow mode if you are towing, mileage mode if you are looking to save as much fuel as possible or race mode if you are racing. However, most truck owners will use the mileage mode, and doing so should cause this device to pay for itself within a year. You always have the option to choose fuel economy or total boost.

There are a number of other truck accessories to customize your pickup truck and give it your own unique look. These accessories include truck bedliners, which help Houston pickup truck owners protect the bed of their vehicle and to help prevent any items that are place back there from skidding or causing damage. Some bedliners are extremely easy to install. You simply drop them in the cargo area of your truck or you can have a permanently sprayed liner installed by a truck accessories professional  Truck lift kits are also a popular way to customize your truck and increase the height of your vehicle to add additional clearance for off road driving and to add bigger tires and rims.

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