Truck Accessories: HID Lights

921There are many things to consider about safety features when purchasing truck and jeep accessories. Brakes, air bags, and crash ratings are all great examples of things to keep in mind. But what about lighting features? Lighting features are versatile, cover different bases of driver and passenger safety, and offer cosmetic advantages to your pickup. Selecting the lighting features that are right for you may be a little overwhelming at times, but a consultation with your local Pickups Plus employee can help streamline the process and make it an enjoyable one. When considering lighting features, it helps to break the categories down into two main components. Those two components would be cosmetic lighting and practical lighting.

In terms of cosmetic lighting, LED lighting has the advantage of being visually pleasing while also have the ability to fall until the practical lighting category as well. LED lighting is extremely popular for truck lovers, due to it’s ability to be both customizable and to make road visibility better. LED lights are available as cab lights, and light strips.

For practicality, there are three different options for lighting fixtures. Those options would be HD lighting, fog lights, and trailer lights.

HD Lighting: these lights are newer than LED lights are, and provide better coverage by way of road visibility. Because they are high intensity bulbs, you receive maximum power in visibility.

Fog Lights: If you live in an area commonly affected by fog or decreased road visibility due to weather, these lights are for you. Designed to provide lighting in harsh conditions, these lights are also available as an energy-efficient alternative.

Trailer Lights: Designed for those who drive a pickup and are consistently towing trailers, these lights are made with added protection for you and your cargo in mind. Available with trailer wiring kits, these lights offer maximum safety coverage on all fronts.

If you are interested in any of these lighting fixtures or accessories for your truck, stop by the Houston shop today.

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