Gift Ideas for the Truck Lover

PickUps Plus - Truck with Lift KitThe holidays are only a few weeks away. By now, you’ve likely started the stressful process of looking to find the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. Or perhaps you even got an early start and are wrapping up your gift shopping now. But before you put away the shopping carts, it’s important to remember this: Texas is known for having a very active car enthusiast community. Every day more and more pickup trucks and Jeeps are being driven down the street.

Knowing that, why not consider appealing to the masses by giving someone you know an opportunity to customize their pickup truck or Jeep with accessories? We can offer a free consultation to get the process started. Bring in your friend or loved one so we can sit down and talk about what they want. Or, if you want to keep the presents a surprise, come in to get an idea as to what accessories they might enjoy or need based off of their tastes and activities.

Once we have hammered out the general idea, the real fun can begin. Do they need truck bedliners for the winter months? Or perhaps they need some new accessories? Regardless of what their needs, we have the product line and expertise needed to find the perfect gift that will please both the recipient and they buyer. Gifts from lighting equipment all the way to bumper customizations and truck lift kits. Even wheels would make for the perfect Christmas present for any car lover.

And if you really want to be sure that they get exactly what they want or need, tell them you are treating them to a customized makeover for the pickup truck or Jeep. By bringing them in, you can be sure that the Christmas gift they walk away with is exactly what they are hoping for.

If you’d like to schedule a holiday consultation to begin your Christmas gift shopping, feel free to call us or stop by the store.

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